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Yk10 hermosa navaja de maquillaje dorada

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Tipo de producto: Frasco de cosméticos

Modelo: Yk10

Personalización: personalización del logotipo

Cantidad mínima de pedido: 5.000

Origen: Zhejiang

No.urpose:Cosmetic Cuidado de la piel 

Hermoso raspador de cosméticos de oro - paquete de cosméticos Yakin

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      A Beautiful golden Cosmetic spatula spatula would make a great addition to any makeup collection! This type of spatula is perfect for those who want to apply their makeup with precision. The pointed end of the spatula can help you reach small areas around your eyes and mouth, while the flat edge can be used to apply foundation evenly over your entire face. Beautiful golden Cosmetic spatula are also beautiful collector’s items – they make a glamorous addition to any dressing table
    A Beautiful golden Cosmetic spatula is a small, thin, flat-edged tool used to scoop out and apply makeup products. A Beautiful golden Cosmetic spatula is often made of metal or plastic and has a pointed end that can be used to scrape products out of jars. Beautiful golden Cosmetic spatulas are often used to apply foundation, concealer, and other liquid or cream-based cosmetics.  
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