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YAKIN is a leading China airless bottle packaging supplier, manufacturer, factory that focuses on airless bottle. If you need, we can print LOGO for you, customize the size and capacity, and professional designers will design for you one-to-one.

Customized capacity and printing logo service


We are one of the most professional acrylic jar manufacturers in China, we have been focusing on cosmetic packaging for many years, and our years of experience have made our products of high quality, resistant to drop and bacteria, and even reusable.


We can custom design the capacity, size, color of the acrylic jar for you. You can also print your own LOGO on the bottle for you.


We give customers one-to-one exclusive one-stop service, and there are professionals to answer you before and after the product production process. Whether it is customized capacity, or printed logo is possible.


Features of Airless Bottle packaging


An airless bottle is a type of packaging that doesn't allow air to enter or escape. This means that the contents of the bottle remain fresh and free from contamination. Airless bottles are often used for products like cosmetics and skincare as well as pharmaceuticals. They usually have a pump dispenser which allows the user to control how much product is dispensed. Airless bottles are generally more expensive than regular bottles but they offer a number of benefits including:


- Extended shelf life: Airless bottles keep products fresh for longer due to the lack of oxygen exposure.


- Greater product safety: There is no risk of contamination from outside sources as air can't enter the bottle.


- More efficient use of product: The pump dispenser means that less product is wasted as there is no need to unscrew a lid or open a valve.


Advantages of Airless Bottle packaging


Airless bottles are a type of packaging that doesn't allow air to enter or escape the container. This means that the product inside the bottle doesn't come into contact with oxygen which can cause it to spoil. Airless bottles are also often vacuum-sealed which further protects the contents from oxygen and other contaminants.


There are several benefits of using airless bottles for beauty products cosmetics and skincare items. Because air can't enter the container airless bottles keep products fresh for longer. They also prevent oxidation which can cause colors to change or fade over time. Additionally because airless bottles are often vacuum-sealed they can help prevent leaking and spilling.


China Airless Bottle supplier, manufacturer, factory packaging


YAKIN is a leading China airless bottle supplier, manufacturer, factory that focuses on airless bottle. We combine innovation, hard work and attention to customer needs to provide the perfect combination of new products.


We focus on developing new products with a variety of product lines and preferential prices.

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