Why is the price of plastic bottle packaging different

Why is the price of plastic bottle packaging different

2021-06-01 10:11:14

  Why is the price of plastic bottle packaging different? Which one has the lowest price?

  In fact, for plastic bottle packaging, there is also a price difference of its own. One of the biggest reasons for the big difference in price is that there are different costs in production. Because all prices are also established on cost. Of course, any manufacturer also hopes that its overall cost will be reduced, so that its products can be very competitive, and it can also greatly improve its overall profit.

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  But for the entire production of plastic bottles, some cost reductions are reasonable, but there are also some cost reductions that are unreasonable. First of all, for production, there are many large manufacturers who use their own in production. The advantages of scale can reduce costs in many aspects, so it is naturally better in this situation. There are also some small manufacturers who can reduce production costs.

  But often when it is reduced, the quality of the plastic bottle will be reduced, for example, the appearance of the entire product will be reduced, there is no gloss, or there is no smoothness, etc., and more low-quality materials are used in the production, which cannot meet environmental protection standards. Although the price has been reduced, it is ultimately not cost-effective, so users cannot choose this type of manufacturer.


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