How to design cosmetic bottles

How to design cosmetic bottles

2021-05-07 15:34:02

  How should cosmetic bottles be designed? What requirements must be met during design?

  In fact, when it comes to cosmetic bottles, although the production process is also important, the design is not as important. If this kind of bottle is unsuccessful in design, it will naturally be difficult to satisfy users. It needs to meet many requirements when designing, so what requirements do it need to meet? First of all, it is necessary to make it meet the requirements of appearance, because for any kind of product, the first lies in the appearance. Only when there is an advantage in appearance, will users really like it.

cosmetic bottles

  Therefore, when designing the entire cosmetic bottle, first of all lies in its appearance. Furthermore, in the design, it also needs to be very convenient. This kind of bottle is no better than others, the user has its own high frequency in use, and at the same time it will have the particularity of the purpose of use and the use environment, so it has good convenience requirements.

  It is precisely because some manufacturers do not have their own advantages in the design of cosmetic bottles that it is difficult for users to have good satisfaction in using them. Of course, for this design, manufacturers also need to have their own design strength. Some manufacturers in the market have no strength, so their own quality will not be too good, some have lines that are not well applied, and some are not humanized in the design of the openings, etc., in the end, they are all so The whole package failed.


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