Future cosmetic bottles pay more attention to practical and environmental protection

Future cosmetic bottles pay more attention to practical and environmental protection

2021-04-12 10:47:24

Regarding cosmetic bottle packaging, compared to other packaging, it will be more luxurious and regardless of cost.This is inseparable from competition and incentives in the cosmetics industry, and high profits. In order to make products stand out in the market and attract more consumers, special attention is paid to cosmetic bottle packaging, which makes the luxury of cosmetic bottle packaging intensified. Various precious materials and thickness of cosmetic bottle packaging are used to condense high-end texture, etc. This has made the problem of excessive packaging of cosmetic bottles more and more prominent, and has been criticized by environmentalists.

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In fact, with the popularization and maturity of people's consumption awareness of cosmetics, the performance of international big-name cosmetics in China has declined significantly in recent years. People pay more attention to the efficacy of cosmetics themselves and the cost-effectiveness of cosmetics. At the same time, people's environmental awareness has been continuously strengthened. Under such circumstances, cosmetic bottles with luxurious appearances cannot gain much advantage in the competition. On the contrary, this kind of cosmetic bottle increases the cost on the one hand, and on the other hand, its unenvironmentally friendly characteristics are prominent, which is not conducive to enhancing the competitiveness of cosmetics among consumers.

With the development of the market, we believe that in the future, cosmetic bottles made of recyclable materials will be more popular, and cosmetic bottles with lower costs will be more favored by manufacturers.


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