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Yk11 botella de maquillaje de moda

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Tipo de producto: Frasco de cosméticos

Modelo: Yk11

Personalización: personalización del logotipo

Cantidad mínima de pedido: 5.000

Origen: Zhejiang

No.urpose:Cosmetic Cuidado de la piel 

Botellas de cosméticos de moda



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      The use of fashion multi-style cosmetic bottles of all shapes and sizes has increased in recent years. This is partly due to the growing popularity of skincare products and the trend to use unique packaging to stand out from the competition. Skincare bottles come in all shapes and sizes, from small bottles to large pump bottles. They can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, plastic, and metal. They can be decorated with a variety of ornaments, from simple labels to intricate designs.
    Fashion Multi-Style Cosmetic Bottles Stylish cosmetic bottles are stylishly designed to stand out on the shelf. Often made of glass or plastic, they have a unique design that helps attract the eye. Some bottles even have a number of skincare products built in and are now available in pump dispensers, which allow for easy and accurate application.  

    China YAKIN packaging is one of the leading Custom Plastic Bottles,  Plastic Bottles Manufacturers and Cosmetic Bottle ODM in China.  >>>Learn more about products

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